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We are thinking about doing a cookie dough fundraiser and would like feed back from others that have already done this. We are looking at either frozen or dry mix.

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Last year was the first time we have done a cookie dough fundraiser. Even though it is a lower percentage than the catalogue fundraisers, we made more money on our cookie dough sales.

We are doing cookie dough again this year, but with a different company. Make sure you choose a company who will deliver your dough to you already sorted! And make sure that you have permission to store anything that is not picked up that day in a freezer or cooler in the building.
we have made tons on cookie dough! It is worth it! We have found the key to be having the company deliver it on pick up day...we have tables set up for them in front of the school and their employees are there in uniform for parents to pick up from. We never handled the cookie dough. What wasn't picked up that day they took back to their warehouse and we scheduled a "second chance" pick up date. This is what made it so much easier for us...otherwise where do you store
75-100 extra tubs of unpicked up refridgerated cookie dough?
Our school is trying to stay away from junk food sales - Look into magazine sales or the new "Green Bottle" sales. They give a higher % of return, magazines 40%, bottles 50%!
How about a healthy option?
Here are the top 2 cookie dough fundraisers so far this year:

Frozen Cookie Dough:

Dry Cookie Mix:

Hope that helps.
Our school is also trying to stay away from junk food sales. Our big fundraiser is an auction.


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