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Does anyone have suggestions on ways to "torture" our principal as a goal for our fundraiser?

Every year we dream up some wild and wacky way to "torture" our wonderful principal so the kids will get more involved with our fundraiser. In the past we have made him a human sundae, made him hang out with a live pig all day, we have even made him camp out on the school roof for a night. That year it poured down rain and stormed really bad. But he was a trooper and stayed up there all night. The kids LOVED it. We have done many things to him and he is always willing to do anything. He is really great! This year we are thinking about using a Nascar theme for our fundraiser theme. We do raffle baskets as prizes along with the regular prizes from the fundraiser company. So if anyony has any ideas, I would love to hear them!

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1. Get a cheap set of painter's overalls, and create a NASCAR-like driver's suit for him to wear for a day. Kids can draw or paint "patches" on the suit if their parents pony up.

2. Make him sit out in the hall in a student desk for a day, instead of in his office. Use a refrigerator box to decorate the desk to look like a race car. Provide a soundtrack with race noises or Beach Boys car songs on a CD.

This past year our Asst. Principal offered to jump out of an airplane dressed as a hornet (mascot) if we made 100% membership. Although we didn't make it to 100%, we appreciated her willingness to help us.
Do NOT do anything like a "dunk tank." I personally have, and personally know several other persons, who have been injured, one requiring stitches with a "dunk tank." Sponge throws are out (kids figure out how to wad up the sponge so it's like getting hit with a softball).
You could have a large caricature drawn of your Principal. We draw caricatures of kids, teachers and principals for all kinds of occasions. See our web site at and contact us at, we would love to help you out.

Jarvart Caricatures
Our schools (elementary's) have done activites for March is Reading Month. If kids meet/exceed goal for minutes read, then the "torture" ensues (mostly minor tho) "kiss a squid", "kiss a goat", silly string or whipped cream pie the principal. I like the previous idea of making him sit in a student desk for the day - maybe we could use that!! thanks for sharing
Hey Jessica, how did this work out?
Stuck for a Buck! A note is sent home so parents know to send money with kids (if a school hours event), students can buy a piece of duct tape for a buck. They tape the principal to the wall (must avoid private areas and head, of course)! Principal would hold arms out, legs with feet apart, etc. We did not do this yet, just heard about it.
We did a Box Top contest with our principal this year. Our principal is a HUGE MIZZOU fan, Every Thursday the box tops from each classroom are counted. The class with the most box tops provided him with a team jersey/T-shirt he would wear on Friday. He has worn his rival KU along with Georgia Bulldogs, KC Chiefs, Northwest Cheerleader outfit and of course his favored MIZZOU. It has been a lot of fun. Not to mention all the money from Box Top Collections.

I have two resources that may interest you. 

First is a document that I have listed on slideshare - and the second is a book '101 low and no cost promotions for your school fundraiser' I can mail that to anyone free of charge.  You can email me from here


Hope that helps!

Yikes, one more reply here. I just uploaded my newest book '101 Low & No-Cost Promotions for Your Fundraiser' to Slideshare. You can download a copy for yourself with the download button at the top of the presentation. I do have hard copies if you would prefer. Here's the link!
We are "car washing" our principal! 20 kids got their name drawn from tickets they earned during our fund raiser..  They each get a big sponge and a bucket of water and he will ride around the playground while the kids throw sponges, water, and "wash" him!! They kids LOVE it!!!
Our principal and vice-principal had to sleep on the roof one night this year, since our "Run-for-the-Gold" fundraising event was so successful. Luckily, they got equipped with warm and cozy bathrobes and lots of families stopped by with hot drinks and snacks.


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