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We are seeking a simple solution for Field Day T-Shirts at our elementary school. In the past each teacher has chosen their own slogan and print, however this is no longer cost effective. We would love to hear what you do for field day t-shirts.

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For field day, if we do T Shirts at all a parent just does the whole thing. However for some events, we make T shirts a group project among our oldest kids (6th graders), along with parents. The kids feel a great sense of pride in seeing their ideas come to life across the whole student body, and younger kids look forward to their turn.

In that case:
1. Start with any key theme or concepts in mind given the event - get this from the principal (such as "emphasize fitness" or "emphasize character development"...)
2. A parent visits all 6th grade classrooms and leads them in brainstorming slogan ideas
3. Immediately create ballots so the kids can vote on the slogan that afternoon, then let the kids know the winner
4. Give the kids about a week to submit art ideas
5. This is the tricky part - rather than choosing one idea, we get a really talented parent to combine them all into two or three images
6. The kids again vote on the image they like best
7. Print it out onto an iron on transfer, iron that onto a giant T Shirt, then have the school mascot wear the shirt at a school assembly as the great unveiling of the shirt. Do this when you are explaining field day (or walkathon or whatever event) to the students

My website has links to a couple of companies that will print shirts for a reasonable cost. (I hope you don't mind my little plug here)

Consider getting sponsors for the backs of the shirt. They have great value to your community businesses because the kids wear them for years!
Hi! I just wanted to give a little feedback about field day t-shirts. I have been in charge of field day shirts for about 22 years and have made many friends with PTA and PE Coaches/Teachers. I work for a company that has designs already for field day and there is no coming up with a design from you. You pick a design and we put your school name on the design and it is ready to go. I make it very simple for you by doing order forms that go home with the kids and the parents prepay for the shirts so you only order what you need and no extra shirts that are not paid for. The process has been a great success for schools and I have schools that do it every year and schools that do it every other year. We use a Hanes 50/50 t-shirt that lasts forever, no shrinkage, and the design looks great for years instead of a couple of weeks. Parents are happy and the price is very reasonable and no hassle for you. If I can answer any questions or you would like my website please let me know and I would be happy to share.
Sorry - one other thing. I have talked to several schools that have done the individual class shirts and it can be very costly for each class with screen charges and mins. so we go one step further and offer different color
t-shirts and the grade levels pick a color but they all have the same design. It makes for a colorful field day and no extra work.
Hi Sandra,
I am interested in this and getting more information.
can you contact me, I am new and cant seem to reply directly to you.
Thanks for the reply. You can contact me anytime and here is the website that will give you my phone number and much more.
Thank you Sandra for the great idea. One design makes it much easier and I'm sure keeps the cost down. It is also more likely the kids will wear the t-shirts even when they are no longer in that particular class. Different colors for each class is definitely the way to go as it adds to the competitive element of the day. Thanks again for sharing this idea with us.
I would be very interested in what you have done in the past. Our school is going to have their first field in parents are in charge so we want everything to go well so we can make this a tradition for years to come. So anything you could share with me would be great. I am in the process of getting t-shirts now. We have a few sponsors but not a lot of spending money...thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Chris Keeter
Our art teacher made a simple design of our mascot (a panther) with our school's initials on it for all the t-shirts. Each teacher picked a different color and we were able to get the t-shirts from our local vendor for $4/each. The parents were happy with the cost and the t-shirts turned out very nice. Our room reps are responsible for bringing in a cooler on wheels, filled with ice and extra water for those kids who forget to bring their own. We also ask that they bring popsicles (we store them in the school cafeteria) for after the event, the kids sit around the field and have a well deserved treat. Some parents also bring fresh fruit. We get volunteers from our local YMCA to come out and help judge the events. There are five events, hop relay, beanbag relay, 50 yd dash, animal relay and tug of war.We hold the event over three days, morning and afternoon sessions, one grade per session. We give out ribbons to the winners in each event and a trophy to the class that accumulated the most points overall. Each student receives a participation ribbon. Our PTA also sets up a tent with a table and a large thermos filled with water, in case anyone wants to get a refill. There are also a few chairs and first aid supplies. This year we set up recycling bins around the field to collect the empty plastic water bottles and it worked out really well. People threw in more than recyclables, but It kept the field clean and we were able to recycle a large amount of plastic water bottles. Our Fied Day turned out great and the kids all had a blast. Good luck with your Field Day!
Thank you for taking the time to share this information with me. I checked your website and it has very useful information for other events we have as well. Not sure if we have time to get the kids involved with designing this year, but I believe if we plan for it next year, it could be a fun and rewarding project, especially for the students. Thanks so much.
Try getting the cheepest colored shirts in a dark natural color lay leaves on them outside and spray with bleach. Stand up wind and place something inside to prevent bleed thru. The effect is nice and my daughter has kept and worn hers for the last 7 years. Yes it fits very differently now that she is a Junior in high school but thats the best endorsement I can think of.
I'm a teacher in our middle school. We're planning a field day for PreK-8th grade. 160 students divided into 12 teams. Any ideas for 12 different sets of shirts? Quick, inexpensive ideas are appreciated.


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