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The PTSA at my kids high schools are struggling with parent involvement.  Does anyone have any ideas for parent involvement activities and/or other programs that are successful at the high school level?  I know there are good ideas out there - and I'd love to hear about them! :)

                                                           - Lisa

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Find out what the needs of the parents are at your school.  Just because the students are given information at school, it doesn't mean it makes it home to the parents. A lot of schools conduct "Parent Universities" or "Principal and Parent Coffee Time"  in order to provide parents with education information or the opportunity to find out what is going on at the HS.  Do parents know graduation requirements for their students? Do  they know how to use the computerized grading and communication system of your district? Do they know how to find tutoring help for their student after school or online?  Do they know how to access community services for their student or their family? Do parents know who all of those people are at the school and what their jobs are in relations to their student's needs.:  Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean, Counselor, Psychologist, Social worker, Nurse etc.  What tests do your HS students have to take and what are the scores used for?  Is your HS starting to implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)?  What will that mean for out students?  (  PTA has some great handouts for parents on the upcoming CCSS implementation.

Great ideas - thanks!


We held a coffee with the Principal at one of the high schools - and it was hugely successful!   Parents had all sorts of questions and they didn't know who to ask.  The coffee was a great place to get their questions answered by the principal - and to get ideas from other parents.  I had forgotten how successful this was until you reminded me!  I'd love to do it at my other son's school! :)


Thanks for your thoughtful response!

Yes, I'm working on a Parent and Teacher Summit for our district to share insight, concerns and solutions regarding budgeting, common core standards, teacher and student assessment,  parents' challenges and more.  We also will have mini talks on relevant topics to them.  We will plan another conference for youth.

The Parent Coffee and Summits are great suggestions.  At the high school level sometimes parents feel they are not needed or wanted at the school.

Try sharing with the parents why their involvement matters and can impact their child's achievement.  Here is a great article written by Joan Young, a teacher.


8 Reasons Why Parents should be Involved at School | Teacher Tuesday

Great article - and great website!  Thanks!

  Have a great school year!


I like the idea of informative workshops for parents, but I would also think about something where families have to work together to compete against other families or against teachers. Things like a math night, trivia night, are you smarter than a ** grader?, etc. Get the student government to team up with the PTSA and then the students will be into it.


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