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Hello! I'm new here. In efforts to help our school find vendors that offer better returns through their fundraising programs,I'm looking for vendors.  Please share with me how YOU find your vendors. I am specifically looking to lower our carbon footprint by finding LOCAL vendors (in NJ).


Thank you!

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- at our State PTA convention
- our principal talks to other principals in the area and gets references for good people
- word of mouth from other local PTA leaders
- direct contacts from vendors who call, send us mailers or drop by school

We usually invite about 3-5 vendors to come present to our board each spring to pick someone for the following fall.
Is there a way I can get in contact with someone from your PTA or school to take a look at our no cost fundraiser?
Visit They help more than 4,000 groups with fundraising every year.
talk to the leaders of local PTAs. They may know local vendors.
We ask other local schools what has worked for them.
  1. I stumbled upon this page while looking for information on how to become a fundraising vendor. I am a parent of a 5th grader and can see the desperate need our schools have for funds. I am in the process of starting a new kind of company, where we manage personal computers and keep them problem-free, secure, and can even fix computer problems automatically. This is a real product, that solves real problems, not just "donation giveaway" junk.


    Because we are an internet-based technology service company (not a manufacturer), I have a vision for a fundraiser program which would involve a large, upfront payoff, then followed every month in recurring revenues. This creates a scenario where schools can begin building a renewable funding model, rather than a one time payday.


    Proposed benefits :

  2. No door-to-door! the safety of the students should be the first priority. Rather than catalogs and products, student will be given email packets that they can use to create their own email campaigns - extending the reach of their sales efforts around the globe


  3. Eco-friendly - By default, our system enables EPA specified Energy-Star power saving features on all managed computers, saving the earth, and your power bill. Since all materials can be provided online, very little paperwork needs to be printed and sent home.


  4. Recurring profits - cost per sale = $30/mo. 50% of first month goes to school ($15). After that, the school will receive 10% ($3) for every account signed up, every month, for as long as that account stays active.


  5. Real-world educational experience. Getting children used to the idea of conducting work on the computer is a vital part of modern education which is not being realized as strongly as it should be. Our system would be a very simple version of a telecommuting job.


  6. Prizes awarded for innovation and creativity of efforts, not just sales. Kids can do amazing things if you let them. Moving kids from the street to a global online marketplace should produce some interesting results!


  7. Will have an option to "just donate".


  8. Fully trackable online - watch funding campaign dollars grow.


  9. We supply the party!



    Revenue model:

    Students sell:

    100 accounts: $1,500 up front, $5,100 possible annual profit.


    1000 accounts: $15,000 up front, , total annual profit? $255,000 per year, or $3,600/month in recurring funding.


    The service is set to be launched in one month. I have no idea about account retention or anything like that, but I would love the chance to get started funding schools ASAP.

    I hope someone out there can provide me with some information as to where to start.


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