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Hello everyone,

I'm a room mom for my 1st grader's class. My son has Autism and there is another kid in the class with Special Needs.

I'm wondering what (if anything) you have planned for Inclusion Week at your school.

The current SAGE chair at my school will most likely do little to nothing. I'll be reading a book called "The Special Needs Acceptance Book" to my son's classroom. I'm really excited about that. His teacher has been very happy to accommodate me in this.

I was hoping I'd be able to "light the fire" under the SAGE chair to do something slightly bigger than she did last year. (She taped 4-6 8.5"x11" sheets about people with learning disabilities to a small section of the wall right inside the school.)


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It might help if you told us when "inclusion week" is as I've never even heard of it! :-)

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