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Does anyone have some suggestions about conducting a "Halloween" type event for the middle schoolers? Trying to come up with some ideas for the older kids is not easy. We want something that they will enjoy and not seem to "baby-ish". Any suggestions would be great!

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Try a "Feel It" Station where you stick your hands into holes and try to figure out what it is... you are never to old for this:O) You can have slimy peeled grapes, oily spaghetti, softened cauliflower etc for brains, guts and eyes. Have a costume contest / parade where they walk in front of everyone and get checked out. DJ - DJ - DJ this is the person who will make the party rock! They have a way of getting kids as well as adults on the floor. With music, food and fun you are all set. For those that did not dress up suggest hair salons donating time to paint streaks in hair, have art students do tattoos, etc for options. If you are tired of hounding parents for chaperones try police academies for recruits...good practice for them. DECA students work great at selling tickets, collecting money, etc.
Good luck!


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