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Teaching kids about money can't start too soon, according to CNN's excellent "Money 101" series. This Great Idea Bank discussion will provide a forum for parents to discuss how best to teach their children to handle money responsibly. How much allowance should they get? What are some good websites that teach money management for kids? These are questions the Great Idea Bank community can answer. Please join the conversation.


You can start by reading a new article on, "Money Management for Kids." Author Shane Barkley offers tips on how parents can build a strong foundation in money management for their children.


Some highlights from the CNN "Money 101" article:

  • Once they learn how money works, children often display an instinctive conservatism. How this urge is channeled can determine what kind of financial manager your child will be as an adult.
  • Start early. By the time your children are teenagers, they are more resistant to your advice.
  • Even investing should be learned early.

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