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Does anyone publish a PTA Directory from year to year that parents have opted into that has everyone listed by classroom: child's name, address, phone and mom & dad's names? Is it published on paper or on a CD? Has anyone ever had a problem with this directory falling into the wrong hands or being "corrupted" by a sex offender, etc?

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We do a hard copy paper PTA Directory parents have the option to include or not include the info they'd prefer. Generally yes it is alphabetized by last name and consits of child's name,siblings attending our school, grade, parents names, phone number and e-mail address. As far as I know we have never had a problem of it falling into the wrong hands.

I like the one that comes with The Groupery ( Parents sign up independently from the school and give permission when they sign up. The online version is free and anyone can order a paper version.
We are on our 3rd annual School Directory now. It is sponsored by local businesses, which absorbs the cost of the printing. It is given to each family free of charge. We decided not to do the CD version for fear it wouldn't be as easy and convenient as a paper copy. It has the school administration, PTA board, PTA Calendar, children listed alphabetically and then listed again by teacher/grade. We send a sign up form to the parents and also at Open House (signature required) that allows them to include what they would like in print (Name, phone, email, address, siblings). On the permission/ sign up form and on the inside cover of the diretory is a disclaimer that individuals cannot use it as a source of advertising or forward the information outside of the school and also that the PTA is not liable for misuse. We've had a very large success with it. The first year we had 200 families sign up, the second year we had over 400. We have 700 students with approximately 500 families.
Terry, CAny ould you tell me what software you are using to manage the directory?

How do you handle kids living in 2 different households?

Thanks for any insight.
La Escuela Fratney
We use Excel. Our computer resource teacher at our school showed us how to use it and we transfer the template to the next chair. We also have excess to an excel at school set up with a PTA file of it so if a chair doesn't have Excel, they can type the info at school.

We use excel right now but tried Just Between Friends.  Was not happy with JBF.  Looking at PTO Manager right now.  

There is a online software called PT Connect ( that has some directory templates. It's a basic template though, but it sure makes it fast to make a directory without having to retype everything.
We did hard copy directories too and had a local business sponsor it, but it was still expensive. This year we converted to an entirely online version that I wrote for the school. It was well received and has people logging into it daily.

I decided to create a public version with a bunch of enhancements based on feedback that I've had from our parents. You can find my project at The original one is at (but it is password protected so you can't see too much) It is geared entirely at PTA and school needs.

Each family has the ability to control what information is displayed in the directory and can update their own information without having to get the PTA involved. It also supports having children in multiple schools so parents don't need to have multiple logins.

All of the access is logged and the PTA directory "owner" can see all of the activity from their administrative pages. They can also revoke access to the directory if they need to or force password changes.

I'd be happy to demo it for anyone that might be interested in using it.

I would love for you to demo it. I just signed up and I am a bit lost. Please feel free to call me or email me 8324738442.


At our school we use MyDirectoryMaker ( It handles all the opt in/ out functions as well as multiple households. There are report templates for all kinds of designs. It was built specifically for managing the school directory so you don't have to do much work, just put in the family data and you've got a directory.


Full disclosure - I helped design and build the software when I was tasked with the directory at my son's school. There are now hundreds of schools using the software, many of the PTA's. The membership features were designed around the PTA membership requirements and has a built in upload option for the PTA specifically.
Does anyone have a form they can share giving permission to include information in the directory? Our elementary school principal wants to do one this year but wants permission forms.
We just put a "yes, I want to have my contact information published in the online directory at" at the bottom of our PTA sign-up form. All of the information is in the public record anyway, but this gave confirmation that their information was okay to publish.

One school had a requirement that all information is by default marked "private" so we have incorporate that feature in a release due next month. This means that when the PTA enters the information into the website that it won't show online, but is staill available for reports to the state or national PTA organizations as well as for newsletter campaigns and other communications, however when people search the directory it just shows as "private" under the listings.


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