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Has anyone ever done a PTA mixer? Our principal is really into increasing PTA membership this year.  Most of the very involved parents have children who will be leaving the elementary school in a year or so. She mentioned some sort of a mixer for kindergarten parents.  Any suggestions?

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Would this be some kind of parent only event or a family night?
I'm not sure. Maybe families .... but the purpose would be a meet and greet.
We usually do some type of mixer for the kindergarten parents. Some years it is a lunch at a parents house and some years we just invite everyone to meet for coffee at a local bagel shop after the kids get off to school. It is a great to time to explain to the "new" parents how they can get involved while they are excited and focused on school. For a larger school, maybe coffee and donuts in the gym would work.
Thanks! I am sure we couldn't fit in a coffee or bagel shop, but that's of course if a decent number actually show up. I'm pretty sure they were thinking of at the school and informal, but I think we need to do more than just have refreshments.


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