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Hi everyone. We ran a very successful Tricky Tray last year and we know how to ask for donations for that. I would like to reach out to the community more. I am sure that a lot of companies would donate things if we asked. Does anyone have experience with this?

Do you know of any companies that will give free things to PTAs if asked? Our local AAA just doanted safety trick or treat bookmarks. 

We are having a fall festival soon and I would like to ask for donations of perhaps free ice cream coupons from some fast food places. We have worked with our local Chick Fil A before and they have been great. In fact, if you ask them, they will print up coupons with "Thanks for joining the PTA" for your new members and such. 

Anyone know of others?

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You just have to go and ask. And you have to find out what their "giving calendar" is like. Some businesses have a certain amount that they give away each month - so you are better off to ask at the beginning of the month before they deplete what they are allowed to give out. And you need to make sure you have a month or more lead time when you start asking if at all possible as this increases your chances of success. Take along a letter stating what you are asking for and including your tax exempt information. Being prepared to leave something like this with them from the start can speed things along.

If you have any Kohl's employees who have kids in your school, ask them to help you get hooked up with Kohl's. They will send volunteers AND give you a $500 donation!

Steak and Shake almost always gives us chili for our Carnival.
Texas Road House will usually give us hot dogs or spaghetti if we ask.
Sometimes GFS will give us a box of something when we are purchasing.
Olive Garden and Fazoli's has given us coupons before.
Our local roller rink will usually give us a family pass for a door prize.
Local theatres and dance companies will usually give us tickets to a performance for our Arts Night door prizes.
Best Buy will usually bring in Rock Band or Guitar Hero and run a booth with that or even take group photos and print them for us at events.
I have heard from other units that your local Wendys might be willing to put you on their tray placemats.

Think about what you need and who makes the most sense to ask for help. Think about local businesses and how you can work together. Offer to list them in your newsletter, flyers for the event or on your website as "community partners."

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Thanks. For our Tricky Tray I did offer to put links on our website and put them in our program. Thats awesome about Best Buy Ill have to look into that one!

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