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Our district has new guidelines which is geared towards a more healthy school environment.  We will be giving a party to the class who sells the most for a particular fundraising event.  Considering these new guidelines, I need suggestions for food-free party, incentives & rewards.  Any suggestions?

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I have run into the same issue. I was going to reward the classrooms with I00% participation with a cupcake party but I was informed any treats served during school hours have to be sugar-free and preferably not snacks at all. I really don't like the bulk trinkets you get from places like oriental trading, so I need ideas. I have had school tatoos made which I think will be a hit with the students at my primary school (Pre-K-3) but I need something else to go along with them....
We like "special memories" as a reward whenever possible instead of "stuff."

Does your gym teacher have a period where you could give extra gym time as a reward? Or would your Principal be supportive of an extra 15 minute recess? Then you are promoting physical activity and providing a fun reward. Maybe even get the Principal to participate in a game with the kids during this time?

Maybe the reward is that the teacher or principal does something kinda crazy?

Maybe get special bracelets printed with your school colors and school name on them? (Those "Livestrong" style bracelets can be fairly cheap to customize.)

Maybe a community partner would give you coupons to pass out? (Or discount something for you?)

Lunch with the principal? (Whatever they would normally be eating?)
I thought of the following so far but not in great detail:

Sports Party - A sports themed party with games etc
Dance Party - Age appropriate music played
Pinata Party - Fill a pinata with items and let them at it (this wasn't really well thought and I fear someone may get hurt!!!).
Yeah, I'd avoid the pinata! We decided to pass on that when we did a Fiesta about a year and a half ago.

What about renting a bounce house or other inflatable? Or maybe finding out if there is a community partner who has one you can use? (There is a church in our community that will let us bus kids to their family center to use their gym and they have about a half-dozen inflatables - all FREE to us! All we pay is transportation.)
Carissa - Those are great examples!
Love the 'big guns' examples. For smaller classroom rewards, our kids think it's quite special to get to be barefoot in the afternoon, read on the floor, or eat lunch with friends in the classroom - bonus, with a movie!

What about a free homework pass.  They would get a certificate for one night of no homework.


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