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We want to hear from you.  We are looking for personal stories about how PTA has impacted your life.  Are you a part of PTA legacy? Did your PTA training help earn you a new job or award recognition? Did a PTA campaign impact your community?   Please share your stories, pictures, experiences. Tell us how PTA made (or is making) a difference in your life, school or community. Reply below.

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So, one of the mom's at my daughters school thought it would be cute to enter me into a radio station contest for San Diego's best MOM. They said since I was a single Dad and did so much for my daughter I should be entered.

So will you please visit the web site and vote for me?

Find the SUPER MOM contest and find me amongst the entries....and vote....I'd appreciate it.... can vote ONCE per email address, so if you have multiple can vote more than once! And you can vote once per day until October 10th...

Please pass the word on to your friends as well!! Thank You!


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