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The tragic shooting at Chadron High School in Ohio has once again brought attention to the issue of school safety. What can schools and PTAs do to keep schools safe so children have the best environment for learning? What does you school do to promote safety? Share ideas for the benefit of all children.

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National PTA provides some resources on preventing violence in schools. Go to



Yes schools have a responsibility to keep children safe, but what kind of parental guidance is there where students do not know that bullying, beating, and abuse is wrong?  As a society we have failed our children ~ education is a good start.  Teach kids when they are young "The Golden Rule" and about kindness and good choices, not to mention consequences for bad choices.    

I recently blogged about this... Enjoy reading it here.  It also includes highlights on the recent conference call I participated in with US DoE on Emergency Planning, the partnership and Town Halls with ED and PTA, and comments from National PTA President, Betsy Landers on steps we should take to speak out!


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