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Every year we hold a jog-a-thon in the spring, usually in May. We decide what the kids will run for, they collect pledges, then the day of the event kids run outside or if its raining in the hallways (which they love!). Every year we run for something different.

We have very good participation at this event. Some parents who don't normally volunteer will take the day off of work to stamp jog cards. Dads really like this fundraiser because it is usually outside. Parents, friends, and community can also jog...not just the students.

Every year we generate good revenues that go toward a specific thing the following school year. Last year we Jogged for the art program....this year we are using the money for special art projects for all of the 600 kids at our school! Something that will last for years after they are gone. It also is a great way to decorate our school walls. Several years ago we ran for the arts and each child in the school was able to create a tile that now decorates our school's hallway.

Learned several things including how to motivate kids to like exercise and make it fun, involve community members that don't generally get into normal fundraising activities. Involve teachers in the process of teaching kids that exercise is fun AND they also had input on how we would use the money. This year we will probably run for outdoor school, which is another great learning experience.

Redland Elementary PTA, Oregon City, OR

What do you think? Is this a fundraising opportunity for you? Share your thoughts or experiences.

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I think walk-a-thons and jog-a-thons are an ideal PTA project because they earn significant funds for the effort, build community, and promote good health. Personally I find it easiest to get to know people while walking together with our kids, vs. trying to make conversation at a more formal party. I agree with your point to be sure the proceeds go to something tangible and visible. I like the idea of having the walkathon on a Saturday and making it a really big event - one of the biggest of the year. But I also understand that staff may not be able to come on Saturdays.

It's amazing to me that kids who hate to walk 2 blocks on a normal day will do 20 miles without breaking a sweat.

Thank you for setting up this topic. I'm creating a blog at and will point my readers here for more info.



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