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How do you encourage teacher memberships? Do you have a sample invitation to join PTA letter for teachers?

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Here is the one I created this year.
Thanks, Robin.
Wow, that's a great letter! I really love your PTA's heading "the bridge between school and home".

As PTA president I always make sure I am on the agenda for the first teacher's gathering which is usally the day before school starts when the teachers come in for their first day. The PTA has breakfast foods donated so we call it the Welcome Back Teachers/Staff Tea. We are there as a visable board and on behalf of the PTA I ask for their support and tell them what we were able to accomplish last year as a PTA and that we hope to do all that and more this year.

About a week later, I follow it up with a personal letter in their mailbox promoting Teachers in the PTA and how much we could use their support. Having a teacher rep that works with us and does our leg work is a big help. I have been a PTA president at the elementary school level for 4 years and just finished my fourth year as PTA president at the Intermediate level and we have always had 100% teacher membership
That sounds like a great plan! Would you please attach a copy of the letter?

I'm looking for reasons for a teacher to join. "Model PTA" and membership goals won't motivate our teachers. I need ideas on how to convince teachers to join a PTA that has traditionally had almost no teacher membership. Our PTA is focusing on Parental Involvement this year, and we have planned meetings and events that involve parents and teachers, whether members or not.
I meet with the principal of our school regularly and I have her on board about how important the PTA is to the children and how helpful it is to get parents involved when we tell the parents that we have 100% teacher membership. So whenever they have staff meetings she reminds teachers to send it in their membership if they haven'd done so already. Each week I give her names of teachers that have not joined yet and she sends out reminder emails.

If you can't get your principal on board find a teacher that you have a good relationship and who understands why joining the PTA is so important and see if they can help you promote membership among the teachers.
Never even considered this issue... our PTA has 100% teacher involvement. Our parent involvement is what's lacking : (
That's the way the school I teach in is....I am trying to think of ideas to increase parent involvement. Mine is a middle school. I think we need to recruit the parents in spring before their kids even arrive.
Teacher perspective -I know how the school that I teach in gets 100% participation - much more teacher members than parents- the secretary who gives out our paychecks asks us to become members! It's much easier to forget a note in your mailbox or to ignore it than a personal invitation. I do think an in-person plea is much more effective. If you can somehow get a teacher or staff liason, that would be great.

Both schools that my children attend do welcome back luncheons for teachers. I think a great idea is to give a little something out at this luncheon along with a plea to join PTA. Hey, it works for stuff like the Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, they give me something , I feel guilty and send $/join! So, maybe a theme and something involving the theme (even if it's a baseball eraser for baseball theme). Teachers always love food, so candy will work. I also like a Teacher Survival Kit. Here's one example
I also think having a bulletin board in the teacher's lounge with thank you for supporting the PTA and a list of names would work - especially if you have close to 100&% but not quite there.
Another idea (I went to a membership workshop last week) is to make signs for each teacher's classroom door showing their support. Maybe even stickers (you could use labels) for the students saying "My Teacher supports my PTA"


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