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I have been the Treasurer for our PTA for the last 2 years. I used Money to track our banking and created my own excel spreadsheet for the budget. To make things easier for the new Treasurer and PTA in general, I was wondering if anyone has used any of the online software such as PTO Manager or MoneyMinder..

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You also might want to look at which is a new software called PT Connect. It has a good financial section as well as lots of other sections to help run the PTA.
I have used both Quicken and Quickbooks. It was easier to recommend these programs when I was in North Carolina because a local non-profit offered training in these software platforms free of charge (using college students fom NC State) but I haven't foudn such a resource in Miami yet. The MoneyMinder online software seemed ideal as chasing down missing treasury records seems to be a constant battle....


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