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Do you have a different membership theme each year?

What is your theme this year?

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We haven't in the past. Is that something you do? I guess it would give it a "fun" element not to mention being an attention getter.
Yeah, I think we have always had some kind of theme ever since my kids have been in the school.

Our theme this year actually started with our volunteer appreciation event at the end of last year. "UNLESS" It comes from the story "The Lorax" by Dr. Suess. There is quote in the book, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." All our volunteers got shirts printed with the word "Unless..." at the end of the year event. The elipse was replaced with 3 little pawprints since our mascot is a bulldog. We are using "unless" for everything this year. Unless you join.....fundraise.....donate....volunteer..... It's all about the idea of one person making a difference. We have a big bulletin board outside our PTA room that is decorated to fit our theme and we track membership on it.

Last year was "Make no bones about it.....Leave your print on the PTA." (Dog bones & pawprints - again because we are bulldogs.) We tracked female memberships with pawrprints and male with dog bones since we were trying to boost male involvement.

I think that the theme the year before that had something to do with "Our Dream, One Team" and sports like banners. (It was a twist on an old Colts slogan of "One team, one dream" for Superbowl since we are in Indy.)
I really like the idea of using the Dr. Suess quote, and was wanting to use it for our theme for this year. I was wondering what about the copyright law? Did you have to get permission first in order to use it?
That was one of the reasons we didn't use the whole quote. Our theme was just "Unless..." When we explained it, we talked about that it was inspired by that full quote from the LORAX and the idea that one person can make a difference.

And using just the one word "Unless....." allowed us to finish the sentence in differnet ways. (Unless we teach our kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol - Unless we provide our students an opportunity to express themselves creatively - Unless we promote literacy - Unless we teach our kids safety guidelines....." etc.)
Excellent ideas. Thanks for sharing with this newbie. ;-)
Our PTA is new (this will be our third year) The first year's theme was Baseball and we made a baseball field with classes names on a baseball. Each baseball moved to the next based when they increased their numbers. We also had a dugout for those classes who didn't have anyone signed up yet. The second year was NASCAR theme. It was ran basically like the baseball theme.
Here is a picture of this year's bulletin board so far.
This year it's "Be a PTA Hero!" with superhero stuff.

Last year "Tune In To PTA" with music stuff.

Two years ago, PTA All-STARS, baseball theme but STARS were Students, Teachers, Administrators, Relatives, and Seniors
ours this year is 'less than a latte...' because we went with a $3 membership fee.
Wow, our state and national fees are $3.50, so we'd be losing $! I love the theme though! My MS PTA is $7.50/member and my ES PTA is $8 1st member, $7 additional members
Our theme this year is "Stampede to Success". We printed out a "Wanted" flyer asking all parents, teachers, Aunts, Uncles, friends, and neighbors to join PTA and sent it home in the first day take home packets along w/ an invite to our first general meeting. At our first meeting our programs chair handed out a "PTA Round-up" flyer which included our calendar of programs for the year. Our Membership Wall has a silhouette Cowboy w/ the heading "PTA Pardner's" Each Pardner's (members) name is written on a Penguin Cowboy (we are the Pearl Road Penguins) and placed on the wall.
Last year our membership theme was "Go for the Gold" w/ a huge gold medal on the membership wall, and red (our school color last year) stars w/ gold centers with our members names on it.
The year before we had a penguin theme (again, Pearl Road Penguins) w/ an huge igloo on the wall and penguins w/ each member's name.
I am starting to think ahead to next year and would love to hear some more ideas if anyone else out there wants to share!


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