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Steve Magat Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Text for this article comes from the   National Association for the Education of Young Children,

Just when you've settled into the routine of the school year, it's time to think ahead to next year. Kindergarten registration in Henrico is right around the corner, April 7th and with many preschools  taking applications for next fall, parents may find themselves asking: Will my child be ready? Will he measure…


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Dr. Marc Tinsley New Dietary Guidelines Announced By USDA and HHS

I received a press release today (January 31, 2011) announcing the release of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are the federal government’s attempt at “evidence-based nutritional guidance to promote health, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity through improved nutrition and physical activity.” While not perfect, it’s a good place to start.

This is the 7th edition of Dietary Guidelines…


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Aparna Vashisht Should PTA change its name?


I was perusing educational sites last week, reading laments from educators about the lack of parental involvement, or anecdotes about students who were turned around with the help of parents. At PTA meetings, we brainstorm about ways to get parents more involved.Yahoo!…

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Steve Magat How writing by hand makes kids smarter


Younger Americans are typing  more and writing less  —   Study after study suggests that handwriting is important for brain development and cognition — helping kids hone fine motor skills and learn to express and generate ideas. Yet the time devoted to teaching penmanship in most grade schools has shrunk to just one hour a week.  Here's a look at how the brain and penmanship interact:

Writing by hand can get ideas out faster --


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Steve Magat Study tips for everyone from Toddlers to Teens

Study Tips

Study Tips for Toddlers and Teens
How to Stay on Top of School during and after the Holiday Season

By Steve Magat -- Tutor Doctor

Before kids can start celebrating the holiday season, they must first log in countless hours of studying and numerous homework sessions Projects are due, parent/teacher conferences…


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Dr. Marc Tinsley New Years Resolutions For 2011

Have you started thinking about your New years resolutions for 2011 yet?

When making resolutions it is important to understand that change is a process and not an event. A resolution itself is an item on a list, a target, or a goal. Reaching that target or achieving that goal is a process which may involve many steps, small victories, some defeats, and maybe even starting over.

Consider all of these things…


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Dr. Marc Tinsley If You Have a Wellness Program at Work, Bring Those Lessons Home

Unhealthy lifestyles are at least partly responsible for the six most common cases of death, which account for 70% of all deaths in the United States. The effects of heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory disease, accidents, and diabetes can be devastating and the cost to individuals, companies, and communities are high.

By focusing on wellness and healthy lifestyles, these effects can be overcome and reversed. Increasing physical activity, promoting proper nutrition, and other… Continue

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Dr. Marc Tinsley Parents, Make Wellness and Fitness A Priority

Make your fitness or wellness program a high priority. Schedule your day around it rather than trying to fit it into your day. Schedule times for exercise and other physical activity throughout the day, both at home and work. Pick specific times. Don’t say, “I’m going to exercise tomorrow.” Instead say, “I’m going to exercise tomorrow at 5:30 PM.”

Don’t allow other activities to interfere with your plan to take better care of yourself. If you had an appointment to go to…


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Dr. Marc Tinsley Parents, Ease Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to starting an exercise program is planning to do too much too soon. I’m not talking about the amount of exertion; I’m talking about the amount of time.

The enthusiasm is there, which is great, but don’t bite off more than you can chew.

The mistake is that people think, “I have 24 hours in a day, so I should be able to fit in an hour or two of exercise.” That’s only…


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Dr. Marc Tinsley Does Your Child Get Enough Physical Activity?

A lot of parents think that their children are physically active but the fact is that most children are not meeting the guidelines for physical activity. 8-10 hours of sleep followed by 7-8 hours of sitting in school, and capped off by 4-6 hours in front of the TV or computer is the average agenda for children. In between they are sitting down to meals and riding in the car and that’s just too much sitting.

The Centers for…


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Roni Gutierrez Check out what's happening at Cleveland Elementary School, Lakewood CA!!!!

Hello all-

Just wanted to share some of the ideas we are rolling out at Cleveland Elementary School this year. Our theme is GET CONNECTED, and we are finding every way possible to get the word out utilizing facebook, our website, emails, the marquis in front of the school, “PTA pinks”, and our…


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Roger Devine Back In The Saddle

I volunteered to be the auction chair at my kid's middle school this year; I am blogging about that experience over at:


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aimee USA Science & Engineering Festival- October in DC - Join Us From All Over the U.S.

PTAs Join Us for the Biggest Science Celebration Our Nation Has Ever Seen

The science of everything will be at the USA Science &…


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Chantay Carter 2010 Beauty is. . . National Winners

Greetings, 2009-2010 Reflections Winners!

It is such a great joy to have recognized you this year as a winner in PTA’s Reflections Program. You are among a handful of members being recognized from over 500,000 students who were a part of Reflections this year! Congratulations again!

As you may be aware, PTA has recently moved its headquarters from Chicago, IL to Alexandria, VA. As you can imagine, this has been quite…


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Steve Magat Put Your Learning Cap On Back to School Tips

Put Your Learning Cap On

Back to School…


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Believe Kids 7 Easy Steps for Creating Your Own PLN: Free e-Book

Anyone who wants to expand their online learning network should read this simple presentation! Feel free to share and distribute! Continue

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Believe Kids Three Steps Easy Steps to Improve Your School Fundraiser: Free E-Book

Another free e-book courtesy of Believe Kids. This time we've compiled three basic steps for ensuring that your school fundraiser is a success. Check it out, and feel free to download and distribute!

Three Steps to Improve…

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Believe Kids 25 Tips for School Fundraising: Free E-Book

Just wanted to let everybody know that we published a free e-Book called "25 Tips and Ideas for Fundraising" on a couple weeks ago. As part of our commitment to education, we hope to publish more free documents for you in the coming weeks. Check it out here!

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Believe Kids How to deal with group drama in your PTA

PTA groups are bound to have a good amount of drama and arguments. It can be hard to move forward with a discussion when you have a lot of disagreement. Therefore, its critical to implement a system for dealing with these confrontations.

To begin, be prepared for disagreement. It's always difficult to talk about money because sometimes it becomes a personal matter. It's important to be sensitive and take a diplomatic stance. Remind everyone that you are there to…


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Morris Kel Financial BBQ Seminar

"Learn How Money Works"

The three root causes of the financial problems most families face are:

1. Failure to Plan
2. Uninformed
3. Misinformed

This informative seminar will discuss the following issues:
1. Do you know the rule of 72?
2. Tax deferred vehicles... are you maximizing your options?
3. What are mutual funds?
4. The 3 D's of investing?
5. Are you paying off your debt in the best possible matter?
6. Credit card… Continue

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